Garage Door Repair Services – Common Garage Door Problems

There are garage door repair companies available to maintain your garage door operational, repair it when there are faults as well as install a new door in your new or old garage. Apart from installing a new garage door and performing a routine maintenance, our company will help you repair the common garage door problems and at affordable rates.

Some of the common garage door problems that residential and commercial garage owners encounter every day include:

Failure of the garage door to open at times

You will need a garage door repair service if your door opens at times and locks you out at other times. Our garage door technicians will be able to figure out whether it’s the remote batteries, the remote, the external opener or the actual opener that is failing you. We advise our clients to change the remote batteries, replace the remote or call us to fault diagnose and solve the problem.

A garage door that is off its tracks

Your garage door may fall out of its trucks due to its tracks being misaligned, brackets becoming loose or the bracket’s bolts are loose. Whichever the case, the door that is out of track can cause damages or injuries. Our company has the capacity to attend to this problem and restore your garage door operational.

The door opening and closing with a loud thud

It is disturbing to have a garage door that will open or shut with a loud bang. It is a clear indication that the torsion springs or the extension springs of your door have a problem. Our technicians will be able to fault diagnose the door, replace the springs and put protective measures in place.

A garage door that won’t close

Your garage door may open normally but fail to close due to misalignment of the photoelectric backup sensors. Our technicians can be able to align these sensors as when they are misaligned they send a signal of an object on the door path; thus resulting in this failure. Dirt or dust on these sensors can also cause failure.

Failed safety reversal system

It is advisable to check the condition of the reversal system often by placing an object on the door path to observe the response. It will be too late to detect there is a problem after a person has been injured or property damaged. Our technicians can service these sensors during the routine door maintenance or at request.


A garage door is an important part of your garage but can be dangerous too. We advise for at least a quarterly routine maintenance on your residential or commercial garage door to keep it convenient and safe.