Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Your garage door is one of the most working components in your home. Some homeowners even use it as a front door. However, all continuous lifting causes wear and tear to your garage door. Garage door springs are of two types; torsion and extension springs.

Torsion springs are situated parallel to the top of your garage door. They have aluminum drums on each side. They function to allow operation of the garage door more efficiently. Extension springs are located perpendicular to the garage door on both sides.

They act as a steel rubber that stretches whenever the door closes and constricts whenever it opens. Below are some of the important tips for replacing broken garage springs:

  1. Have both Springs Replaced

Most garage doors come with two springs for management of the doors efficiently. Whenever one of the springs get spoiled, the other one normally follows suit. Therefore, it is always necessary to replace both springs whenever one of them breaks. This saves you from running the risk of damaging your garage or any inconveniences that might come in the future.

  1. Purchase Springs of the Right Size

Garage doors comes in different sizes; this is also same with the garage door springs. Choosing the right-sized spring for your garage replacement ensures safety of the garage door and its proper balance as well. This is why it is always important to install the correct springs for your door. Upon completion, it is important to always run a full test-balance for your garage door.

  1. Ensure Safety Inspection is Done

With every garage door spring replacement completed, a garage door repair company should be able to perform a complete safety inspection at no cost. They would ensure very hardware component of your garage door meet safety standards and are in shape.


Garage door can be dangerous when the springs break. This is because, when the garage door is either opened or closed, it becomes uncoiled or stretched out causing stress to the springs. Old or damaged springs are vulnerable to breaking. They can cause injury to any person within its vicinity or even cause damage to your property.

Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Every part of a garage door, including springs is important to its operation. Garage door springs break often because they bear heavy weight. They’re likely to be the first to break on your garage door. Therefore, they require frequent replacement or repair.

Many people are often tempted to fix their garage doors on their own. Damaged or broken garage door springs pose danger to homeowners and business people or those passing nearby. Greasing movable parts can easily fix simple spring issues such as a squeaking sound.

However, broken springs are risky and require proper skills and experience to work on. What it means is that only experienced professionals should handle complex spring issues.

Understanding Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs come in two major types: extension and torsion. Extension springs are situated on both sides of the door’s panel and on the ceiling above its tracks. On the other hand, torsion springs are connected above a closed door.

Extension springs are less durable and more dangerous when broken than their torsion variations. Garage doors with extension springs feature a safety cable attached to one end and the other side of the wall or the ceiling. The safety cable goes through the springs to reduce breakage and prevent injuries.

Moreover, garage door springs are under extreme tension because they are tightly wound. Therefore, the springs, especially old ones, can cause great pain when loosened.

Are Your Garage Door Springs Damaged?

If your garage door does not open and close smoothly, it could be the springs are broken or misaligned. In this case, you require professional garage door repair services.

Why You Need a Professional

You require professionals to replace your garage door springs. DIY fixes are risky and may harm your hands or any other part of your body. Moreover, you may not fix the problem properly, leading to more malfunctions in the door’s operation.

Tamper-resistant brackets at the base of garage doors connect to the springs. They ensure only professionals can work on them. Skilled and experienced professionals can replace your broken or worn out garage door springs and brackets. They can also realign them to their original positions on your door.

Why, then would you risk your health and cause more pain you can easily avoid? We are here for you. We are affordable, dependable, and experienced in fixing all kinds of garage door problems, including spring replacement and repair.